A little bit about me

I am an outgoing, friendly and welcoming individual, with a huge passion for creative media & design. Its my passion and ambition which is the driving force for all my work enabling me to develop in this ever changing industry.

I have undergone various training & employment in a range of industries including Aviation, Theme Parks, Engineering, & Entertainment. I am privileged to have gained crucial life, educational and work related skills which continue to impact my professional progression to become the best I can be.

Why I love what I do

For me its all about the challenges I face, the uniqueness of projects and the infinite possibilities which can be achieved through the power of digital media. Creating visually impressive creations that impress and that feeling of reward I get turning peoples ideas and concepts into reality is the reason I love what i do.

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"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them"

− Walt Disney

My Skills

Its in my DNA to constantly learn and develop. My skills are forever expanding as I gain more experience one new project at a time.

I continue to develop in this ever changing industry to keep up to date and on-trend.







Premier Pro


After Effects


Final Cut Pro




Social Media


Google Adwords


Apple Mac


Facebook Advertising


Microsoft Office


Cloud Storage


Online Tools


Email Marketing


"I get clients coming to me with new ideas and concepts..."

− it is my job to make them happen!

My Creative Side

I am a self taught Creative Media Designer with the ability to create attractive and unique Graphic, Video & Web content. Throughout my career so far I have had the privilege of working with individuals and companies worldwide including Celebrities, High Street Retailers & Theme Parks.

I like to think of myself as more than just a creative media designer, but more of a creative problem solver. Someone who uses already existing technologies and techniques to invent new innovative ways to present digital media and capture the publics attention.

And a little more…

I have a passion for media & creative design, and it is that passion which is the driving force behind all of my work and what I do.

As well as actual design, I have gained extensive knowledge within Media Management including; Social Media Management Platforms, Website & Online Content Management, Third-Party Web Extensions & Add-ons, Online Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Website Optimisation, Online File Hosting/ Sharing, Online Video & Customer Relationship Management. I also use my extensive experience and knowledge within IT, online tools & services to help clients fulfil bespoke online services to help improve the end-user experience.